New Vision and Mission Statement


To be recognised centre of academic excellence for sustainable natural resources managements.

Long kisim luksave olsem nambawan ples bilong kisim skul long lukautim bus, wara na graun.


PNG UNRE's purpose is to help develop the sustainable use of our diverse natural resources and environment through quality education and research.

Wok bilong PNG UNRE em long givim gutpela save na long mekim wok painimaut long ol rot yumi ken lukautim gut bus, wara na graun bilong yumi long nau na behain taim.

Welcome to PNGUNRE from the Vice Chancellor

The Vudal campus of UNRE could be your new home for the next few years. Here you will meet new friends and learn more about your chosen subject. Here we will help you develop new skills, such as how to solve complex real life problems. Uniquely in PNG this University is dedicated to the developing the sustainable utilisation of our nation’s natural resources and YOU are an important part of our mission.

The UNRE staff here are all dedicated to helping you to acquire the skills and knowledge that you require to become the future leaders our agricultural, fisheries, forestry and tourism industries. 

To become a UNRE student you must have already demonstrated that you are a part of an elite. Only around 5% of our population has the opportunity to benefit from a University education. However, being at university is hard work. A university qualification, would have little value if obtaining one was easy. Arriving at Vudal is not the end of your journey, it will be the start of a whole new adventure. As with so many things in life, the more effort you invest in your studies at UNRE the more you will benefit.

A university education is not all about hard work. It should also be fun. The academic staff that you will work with during your time here are passionate about the subjects that they teach. Hopefully you will be infected by their enthusiasm and become just as fascinated by these subjects.

UNRE students enjoy their time here in Vudal. Working hard and doing well in your studies can be a very rewarding activity in its own right, but it is also a stepping stone to a more successful future for you and your nation.

Welcome to PNG-UNRE

Professor John Warren

Vice Chancellor